Personal Projects

I'm an interdsiciplinary creative with a passion for concept development and storytelling through design. I started out in 2D animation, but in the past 7 years I have been working as an illustrator, visual merchandiser and most recently as a branding and UX designer.


These are my passion projects, which best show my identity as a designer.



Hey, I'm Annelies

I am making an indie game in which players collect dollhouse furniture and use it to complete fun interior design challenges which they can share with their friends.


This project is an optimistic answer to the way materialism threatens the climate. I wondered whether in an ideological future, society's love for shopping and self-expression through the way we style our homes could be pleased in a virtual space. In a time where AI-generated imagery is on the uprise, I believe people will grow a taste for design with a visible human touch. At least I have. That is why Möbli is a game with all handmade assets. It is a celebration of imperfections and having carefree fun.


I have a love for puppetry. In this experiment I tried to make one of my earlier character designs into a fabric puppet that I could puppeteer on my own. I later added digitally animated facial expressions with After Effects to really make the puppet come to life.

Puppet Karaoke

Character Design

I love combining different styles into a new one. With this concept art I created a modern take on classic gnomes, inspired by the looks fo 1930's animation. To take it a step further I explored what a threedimensional version of the gnome would look like by needlefelting one.